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Let's be honest...

Documenting SOPs and business processes is cumbersome and boring! Nobody seems to have time for them, especially when you need them most.


Leverage Carrera Consulting's expertise and AI tools to help document and deliver winning processes across your organization fast!


Improve alignment, processes, and purpose for your employees

​With assistance from Carrera Consulting, your staff will be able to;

  • Communicate key product value drivers clearly and consistently

  • Optimize current onboarding, selling, etc. processes

  • Learn the tribal knowledge and best practices from top performers

  • Have a single source of truth with training, resources, and critical documents to support their development

By establishing a modern onboarding process, organizations can empower their new hires with the right tools, resources, and knowledge they need to excel in their roles.

Average cost per hire in 2023 was $4,700.
How long does your onboarding process take to
generate a return on this investment?


Carrera Consulting is your partner in 👇

  • 📄Process Documentation

    • Create that single source of truth for your company's How To's and valuable resources
    • Store best practices for critical business processes
    • Set custom reminders for content owners to verify that the content is still relevant
  • 🏆Training Programs

    • Establish a cost-effective and modern training platform to support every department

    • Drive consistency with new hire onboarding journeys

    • Develop new hires in days, not months!

    • Establish a simple and easy-to-use learning management system that is desktop and mobile-friendly!

    • Create content and quizzes in half the time using native  generative AI tools

  • 💸And more!​​​

What is Process Documentation

What is an Employee Training Plan

"The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave is not training one and having them stay."
- Henry Ford

The Devil is in the Details 😈

When you're not around, where do employees go to figure out how to complete that one important task you asked them to do? Google, YouTube, or maybe scan through files in a shared drive?


The hard truth is that the days of being handed a catalog, shadowing a manager, and figuring the rest out have become antiquated approaches for developing effective employees. 

With the average tenure of a salaried employee being around 4 years, businesses no longer have the luxury of time for them to figure things out.

Documenting your business processes and creating basic training for critical repeatable processes within HR, sales, marketing, customer service, finance, and operations roles is an invaluable investment for your business and your staff. 


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