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What is Sales Disablement?

Sales Enablement is the process, content, and technology that empowers sales teams to sell more efficiently. It starts when processes break or become outdated; misalignment with strategy and messaging occurs as well as technical debt becomes unmanageable - all leading to a lack of efficiency in your people's work

Have you ever considered the impact of Sales Disablement on your business?

If so, then I'm sure it's not good. But before we go any further with this conversation and potential solutions, let's take a quick second to diagnose what type of issue might exist here.

Common signs of Sales Disablement

  • >40% of salespeople fail to hit quota

  • Conversations about strategy contain too much "I feel" or "I think" vocabulary

  • 75% of the time sales reps are working is NOT focused on selling (customer facing or advancing the deal)

  • Sales reps start creating their own content because they struggle to find marketing materials for their prospects.

  • 90% of marketing assets are NOT used by sales

  • Sales reps struggle understanding how to use their technology tools

  • Prospects are receiving misaligned messaging between sales and marketing efforts

  • Leaders need to access 3+ systems to gather actionable insights

  • Staff resort to Google and YouTube for training

Symptoms or problems? That's the million-dollar question!

The signs of sales disablement seen above are mainly symptoms of issues that can be discovered by going upstream of your organization's processes. A wise friend, Tim Walsh, once told me that for every problem you point a finger at, never forget that you have four pointing right back at you! So, would it be a ridiculous idea to think that it might not actually be the sales rep's fault for underperforming?

Change is hard, and simple is not easy. Whether you're a new rep at an organization and you're being told on day 2 of onboarding to "figure it out", or you're part of change management, and you've adopted a "franken-stack", everyone could use sales enablement at their organization.

We recommend that you first try and figure things out internally. If this does not work, or if the bandwidth on your team is too limited for the resolution of an issue, look externally to find a consultant who can offer solutions!

At Carrera Consulting, our approach is a blend of sales enablement and revenue operations. We get to the bottom of what's holding your sales team back and resolve those issues, then make sure all operations are aligned with revenue so you can see success from day one.

Everything works, eventually… But if you need improvements made sooner than later, contact us for a consultation ☑️

Key takeaways

  1. Establish a clear goal

  2. Identify a target buyer

  3. Invest in a content strategy

  4. Consolidate your tech stack where possible

  5. Onboarding training must exist and be maintained

  6. Try resolving issues internally first before engaging a Carrera Consultant



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