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Sales Training

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Employers are experiencing a record turnover rate in their workforce and the ones that have an established training program implemented, are navigating these challenges with a lot less stress compared to organizations that lack a structured training.

It does not matter the size or complexity of your organization, one of the main reasons we advocate that everyone has a training tool in place is that it will serve as your best insurance policy for the retention of organizational tribal knowledge.

Many times, a training tool is rarely considered or discussed in the early stages of success since everyone is primarily focused on top line revenue. However, there will always come a point in time when your organization is rapidly growing, and you need to hire then train new reps (or replace old ones), but the training is still locked up in the managers heads.

This is where the vicious cycle begins. Nobody has time to build a training program so the default is to train new hires through experience and endless meetings which take away from other staff's time. The demand of training takes time away from supporting customers and projects which can impact customer satisfaction along with missed quotas. Then the frustration builds, and the quality of training diminishes for the new hires which leads them to underperform or have to figure out training on their own.

Here are a few things we can recommend getting you started on your journey to building a training program for your team.

  1. Make a list of the topics that need to be covered within the core competencies of one or multiple positions within your company.

  2. Seek support from team leads and gather all of the SOP's, training documents and schedules that exist. If you don't have any, we recommend prioritizing the critical elements of what should be covered and having your team support in writing the documentation.

  3. Select a training tool and a singular person to take ownership of the platform.

    1. We are huge fans of the tool Trainual and we are certified in the development of their software. You should use what works best for your needs, but Trainual is the easiest to use and most cost-effective solution we have seen on the market.

  4. Break apart your training material into digestible content and load it into the training tool of your choice.

  5. Ask 2-3 staff to run through the process to provide feedback.

  6. Make the desired adjustments then rinse, wash and repeat until you're satisfied.

If you would like to learn more or have a candid conversation about your current situation, we would love to connect with you! If you're interested about the topic of Employee and Sales Training and how we can help in that area, please visit our Training page here: Training Carrera Consulting

OR you can complete the contact form at the link below to start the process of working with one of our experienced representatives: Contact Carrera Consulting



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